Amit Tyagi
Amit Tyagi
Chief Intelligence Officer



Amit joined Acumen in 2009 and, as Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO), leverages his expertise as a certified ISTAT appraiser. This is combined with a wealth of over Ninteen years’ of technical and commercial experience in the aviation sector supporting the needs of a sophisticated and diverse clientele. Amit has appraised various ABS transactions, asset sale purchases, market values, Due Diligence & Fly forward analysis during last few years.

Amit is responsible for the management of assets on behalf of investors and provides asset market insights, life-values and risk and ownership assessments

Prior to becoming CIO, Amit successfully held the post of Chief Technical Officer of Acumen and has been key member since inception of Acumen

He holds a Bachelor degree of Aeronautical Engineering, B.Sc. (PCM), BAMEL (EIR). Amit has completed GMAE from IIM Bangalore,Part of MBA program which is in collaboration with Toulouse Business School, France

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