Hear the opening remarks from the Ishka producer who created the summit.

Dean Forrester
Senior Producer

Understand what we can learn from lessor collection rates and RPK for the year so far. What is an optimistic and cautious timeline for the industry recovery as of June 2021?

Brian Pearce
Chief Economist

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Are more lessor consolidations on the horizon? What does the market look like for non-investment grade lessors? How does the size of the lessor affect their appeal to airlines? Could mega lessors hoover up all the business? Is there scope for fragmentation rather than consolidation with new players? Ultimately, will market shifts lead to more or less investors in the space? What is the impact of that?

Hal Calamvokis
Director - Aviation Finance
Standard Chartered
Dick Forsberg
Commercial Aircraft Leasing and Strategy Professional
Shane Matthews
Head of Strategic & Market Analysis
SMBC Aviation Capital
Declan Kelly
Aircraft Leasing Ireland

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What do delivery profiles look like over the next 3 to 4 years? How much money is needed and how much will it cost? Assessing the general availability of non-recourse bank debt and other financing options for leasing platforms Will there be a resurgence of OEM financing? How much will ECAs and private supported finance be involved? Do lessors expect to do any financing? What return do investors expect? Is there enough long term visibility to start lending further down the credit spectrum?

Robert Morin
Managing Director
Ronan Kelleher
Chief Financial Officer
AMCK Aviation
Benjamin Faires
Managing Director - Capital Markets and Outreach
Boeing Capital Corporation
Anyi Lee
Director - Global Structured Debt
Dickon Harris

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How are new SLB transactions pricing over the last 12 months? Has this changed much over the pandemic? Has there been an uplift in yield? What is the deal pipeline looking like? How comp etitive is the market and are all lessors competing? Have terms for new SLB deals changed at all?

Christian Schloemann
Head of Transaction Management
Pat Madigan
Head of Commercial
Genesis Aircraft Services
Jeff Lewis
Head of Aircraft Leasing
Fortress Investment Group
Dickon Harris

What types of portfolios are being presented to investors? How deep is the list of potential buyers? Are sellers willing to discount book value and accept market price? Are we seeing the predicted surge of discounted assets hit the market?

Sarah Conway
Senior Vice President Marketing
John Leenane
Head of Trading
CDB Aviation
Nathan Riggs
Head of Americas & Trading
Aergo Capital
Aisling McCarthy
Strategic Advisor
Avionix Management Limited

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Ishka asks a selection of the industry’s best remarketers about the current market.

Paul Briggs
Partner and Co-head of International Aviation and Aerospace Group
Bird & Bird
Philipp Myckert
Head of Sales & Marketing
GOAL Aircraft Leasing
Shoro Ryu
SVP - Business Development and Marketing
Arena Aviation Capital
Russell Hubbard
Managing Director
RPK Capital

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A fireside chat disucssing the outlook of lessors in China.

Benjamin Wong
Head of Transportation, Infrastructure and Advanced Manufacturing
Invest HK
Johnny Lau
Chief Consultant Aviation Business Services

Since launch has the platform been successful? Do airlines have enough incentive to participate? How are people getting comfortable with the platform? How much trading activity has there been to date and what has happened throughout the pandemic? Have there been unseen benefits/downfalls in the system? What is the strategy going forward?

Scott Rosevear
Senior Vice President - Legal Counsel
UMB Bank
Dominic Pearson
Watson Farley & Williams LLP
Eric Morgan
Senior Vice President
UMB Bank

Examining Ishka’s Q2 Pricing Benchmarking report What are key near-term trading prospects? Is there any update within the young narrowbody space? Which aircraft will remain in storage indefinitely? Are any asset type values recovering faster than expected?

Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Analytics & Advisory
Olga Razzhivina
Senior ISTAT Appraiser
Bill Cumberlidge
Managing Director
Centrus Aviation Capital

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An all star panel of aviation experts will be presented with a range of aircraft portfolios. They will then decide what to do with them. Will they Take It or Leave It?

Donal Boylan
Board Of Directors
VietJet Air
Ed Hansom
Chief Investment Officer
Sirius Aviation Capital
Anne-Bart Tieleman
Kieran O'Keefe
Chief Financial Officer
ALAFCO Aviation Lease & Finance Company

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Can engine shops handle a surge in demand as airlines start flying again? Will this affect pricing? Where does the engine leasing business sit at the start of an up-turn? Are we seeing tighter bids for engines from with investors and MRO shops? If so, for which types? Which engine assets are not seeing any form of recovery yet?

Bobby Janagan
Vice President and General Manager
Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance
Julie Dickerson
Shannon Engine Support, Ltd. (SES)
Joe Hussar
Executive Vice President – Head of Portfolio
Engine Lease Finance Corporation
Anne Brachet
Executive Vice President - Engineering & Maintenance
Air France-KLM
Dietmar Focke
Vice President Engine Services
Lufthansa Technik
Frank Walschot
Roger Welaratne
CEO and Managing Director
SMBC Aero Engine Lease
Tom Slattery
Executive Vice President
GECAS Engines

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Where is the value for the part out market currently? Which aircraft types are being parted out? Are there any surprises? Is the age of teardown candidates noticeably younger than pre-pandemic? When should part out companies start stocking up for a rise in demand?

Sharon Green
GECAS Materials
Steve Williamson
Senior Vice President - Acquisitions & Trading
Contrail Aviation Support, Inc.
Máximo Gainza
Head of Commercial Strategy
AerFin Limited
Tony Whitty
EVP - Remarketing &ACMI

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Tackling the widebody conundrum: When will airline demand for twin-aisle pick up? Will narrowbodies like the Airbus A321 XLR be a suitable replacement for many longer distance routes? Is it better to diversify your fleet for different passenger loads or does the LCC single aircraft type model prove most advantageous? How does the industry view the competition between A321 and 737 MAX-10?

Riku Aho
Vice President, Fleet Management
Andrew Shankland
Executive Director
Plane View Partners
Steve Mason
Head of OEM
Bert van Leeuwen
Head of Aviation Research

Underpinned by industry-leading research, this presentation looks at Europe's prospects of a return to travel normality.

Jennifer Iduh
Head of Research
European Travel Commission

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How healthy are carriers now? Are more airlines restructurings likely? How can /should lessors prepare for the rest of 2021 and 2022? How aggressive have airlines been in cutting costs and reducing leases? Have restructurings been successful in creating more viable airlines?

Siddharth Narkhede
Mark Degnan
Partner - Restructuring Services
Deloitte Ireland
Richard Sharman
Bird & Bird

1. Technical stipulations – A look at critical technical elements, including inter-relationships between qualifying events, MTBR adjustments and agility/flexibility around LLP stack replacement. 2. Contractual stipulations – Discussing structure to support nuances that exist within these contracts. 3. Commercial aspects – While the contract may place certain obligations on the Lessee, the model needs to cater for the commercial realities that often take place.

Tim O'Connell
Partner & Head of Aviation Advisory
Grant Thornton Ireland

A forward look at the freighter market At what price point does it make sense to convert narrowbodies? What do returns look like? How long is the queue now for conversion slots? The outlook for cargo demand. Are too many lessors chasing freighter conversions?

Hiran Perera
Senior Vice President - Freighters
Marc Iarchy
World Star Aviation
Erik Goedhart
Senior Vice President, Aerospace
Kuehne + Nagel

What would a worldwide tax minimum hike mean for aviation hubs? Will that end the ‘race to the bottom’? What does the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive mean for restrictions on tax deductibility of interest? An update on the latest ongoing consultations

Joe O'Mara
Head of Aviation Finance
KPMG Ireland

Will banks demand a premium for financing older aircraft or seek to impose restrictions on warehouse facilities? Could environmental concerns alone erode residual values for older assets? Are mid-life assets likely to be “phased out” of investor portfolios? How will emissions calculators and new industry standards impact older aircraft values?

Michael Halaby
Halaby Aero
Christine Rovelli
Senior Vice President - Finance & Fleet Management

Grab a tea or coffee before the final sessions.

Given the cost advantages that Ultra Low Cost Carriers have over Full Service Carriers, what are investors expecting in terms of Cost of Available Seat-Kilometer reduction when exiting Chapter 11? What are airlines’ own expectations? From the initial cost cutting plan, what cost targets have been achieved and which have not? Why haven’t they been reached? What were the key takeaways from the negotiation process with lessors?

Rene Armas Maes
Vice President Commercial and Associate
MIDAS Aviation
Felix Antelo
President & CEO
Viva Group
Esteban Lorda
Fleet Manager
GOL Airlines
Michael Cox
Senior Managing Director
Seabury Securities

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What types of portfolios are being presented to investors? How deep is the list of potential buyers? Are sellers willing to discount book value and accept market price? Are we seeing the predicted surge of discounted assets hit the market?

Sarah Conway
Senior Vice President Marketing
John Leenane
Head of Trading
CDB Aviation
Nathan Riggs
Head of Americas & Trading
Aergo Capital
Aisling McCarthy
Strategic Advisor
Avionix Management Limited