Eddy Pieniazek
Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Analytics & Advisory


United Kingdom

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  • Base Values and Market Values – are these terms doing their job in today’s market with so many encumbered aircraft? Should investors and financiers be modifying their approach and data requirements?
  • How many appraiser opinions should investors realistically canvas?
  • Understanding the gulf in appraisals on current gen widebodies.
  • What is the actual economic life of aircraft now? Have ESG concerns eroded this lifespan? How do appraisers account for this?
  • Bubble or boom: How do appraisers view the growth in cargo aircraft conversions and orders?
Olga Razzhivina
Senior ISTAT Appraiser, Oriel
Derek Wong
Head of Aviation Debt Funds, Investec
Máximo Gainza
Head of Commercial Strategy, AerFin
Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Analytics & Advisory, Ishka
  • Examining aircraft values and residual values. What does this mean for LTVs and lease rates?
  • How can airlines and lessors use appraisals to negotiate win/win lease terms? What negative impacts can appraisal shopping have on your lease?
  • How do lessors use appraisals? What drives market dynamics and lease rates?
  • How volatile can appraisals be? Is there much volitility among appraisers?

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Eddy Pieniazek
Head of Analytics & Advisory, Ishka